How to add an experience?

Add experience

Triptile allows you to be in control of what's included in your trip. For example, if you want to customize your touring program, click "+ Add activities", find experiences you like, click on prices. Here you could see the options we have and add your preferred one to the trip.


Experience options

Typically we offer different options for every experience (only entrance tickets, tickets + guide, tickets + guide + transfers). However, we don't have the opportunity to add transfers for some experiences. Therefore, you can leave your wishes in notes, and our team of destination experts will consider this request, and we'll arrange the transfer for you.


Collections are the experiences grouped into different categories, for example, rating or type. We have selected the most popular experiences and divided them into categories for you to choose the option that suits you the best. Keep in mind that we update collections only by adding activities in demand.

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Day programs

The day program is a set of experiences included in the schedule and calendar. The cost per program and per person is indicated.

In this block, you will find a whole program for each day, and you cannot delete any experiences from it. Therefore, if you want to remove some experiences from the program, you will have to delete the entire program and add the activities one by one.

The program's cost does not change depending on the conditions (for example, the time of year) and consists of the included experience cost.

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After you book your tour, our team of destination experts will carefully study your tour and prepare a detailed schedule for your program. And afterward, we will send you the final itinerary, which you can see in the schedule section.

Jun 29, 2022