How to add a hotel?

You do not need to worry about selecting the best hotels in your destination since we have already done the hard work for you. Triptile calculates and provides an accommodation option in each selected destination by default.

You can also choose another option from the recommendation list. We offer different types of hotels on Triptile 3,4 and 5 stars.
To see all available hotels, press 'change hotel.'

Change Hotel
If you select a hotel, you can choose a room that suits your preferences. On the selected hotel, click 'Edit room'.
It is possible to change the number of rooms or simply select the one that is most suitable for you.


If none of the options we offer suits you, we allow you to choose and add your selection.
To add your own accommodation, press 'change hotel,' then find 'add your own button' and fill out the form.

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